Thursday, January 13, 2011

Phenomenal Print

At Bag People we push the boundary on everything!

Nothing is too big or small for us to have a look at... and if we think we can add value or do a really good job, then we'll take it on.

Kobie Bosch came to us requesting that we re- create an original piece of her artwork on a Canvas Bag - so we looked at it.

The results speak for themselves - see below.

If you don't believe it, Contact Us for more info... better still - contact Kobie directly & she'll let you know herself.

What's your dream?

Let us know.


Kobie's original artwork

Our print on the Canvas Bag

Close-up's of the printed bag (the Seagull)

Close-up's of the printed bag (the Cloud)

Artwork & images are used by Bag People with the express permission of Kobie Bosch.

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