Friday, August 27, 2010

NT Bans the Bag

The Northern Territory of Australia has announced that they will be Plastic Bag Free by mid-2011.

Environment Minister, Karl Hampton, made the announcement which included the statement that an alternative to single-use plastic bags must be made available to shoppers & said from the middle of 2011 shops will be prohibited from selling or giving away non-biodegradable lightweight plastic bags designed for single use.

“Every year nearly 40 million single-use plastic bags are used in the Territory which creates landfill, litter and killing our wildlife,” Mr Hampton said.

This move see the Northern Territory become the 2nd Australian state to become plastic-bag-free. South Australia made the bold move in 2009 & the program has been a great success.

The Northern Territory is one of Australia's greatest tourism draw-cards & this step not only forges the path for the remaining states in Australia to follow suit & create plans for the reduction of single-use plastic bags; but also sets out to preserve the natural beauty of the region to cement the region as a true natural wonder.

These steps are the 1st of many that we all need to follow to reduce our overall consumption.

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