Thursday, July 15, 2010

Updated Stuff Bag Range

On the back of the success of our Stuff Bags, we've added a few more designs, fabric colours & various options to the range.

Stuff Bags now have a wider range of base fabric colours. We can still create fabric to suit your exact needs by dying to your Pantone Reference, but now you have more basic colours to choose from.

We've also added a few new styles to the range :

Stuff Tote Bag a huge volume using a sleek style that is still easy to use - it's a good bag for Guys & Girls :
Bag Dimensions :
- 50cm wide
- 42cm high
- 8cm base gusset
- Handles - 65cm x 7cm

Also updated within the range is the Stuff Shopper with Long Handles which is more angles towards the female user; its very slender lines suit easy over-the-shoulder carrying, but still functional enough if you'd like to carry beside you.

Bag Dimensions :
- 42cm wide
- 34cm high
- 8cm base gusset
- Handles - 70cm x 5cm

Don't forget you can customise these bags however you want, so make sure you Contact Us to talk more about how we can help.

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