Friday, April 23, 2010

Paper or Plastic... or Not

Your life is full of choices. Every day, your choices are endless.

Just about everything you do has an alternative action, put simply... you could do something else.

Why not think about this when you're shopping?

Make sure you've got a Reusable Bag rather than taking a plastic bag from the shop-keeper or check-out.

Our Stuff Bags solve the 2 main hurdles people have with Reusable Bag :
- I forget :: these babies roll-up to fit on your pocket, hand-bag or car
- they're ugly :: look for yourself; see our colours & styles

Our Stuff Bags are very handy for just about anything - shops, school, gym, sports, fashion; you name it & there's someone doing it.

We also custom-make these bags to suit your brand. You tell us the colour, size, shape & printing. We organise all the rest for you; no hassles.

Contact Us for more details.

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