Thursday, February 25, 2010

At What Cost?

We're all trying to do more with less.

It's a simple equation whereby the cheapest price usually wins the business.

But is it good for business to supply a lower quality product?

We don't think so & we have plenty of Happy Customers to back-up our quality philosophy.

There are 3 factors to every order & we can make bags that are _______ & _______, but not _______.

You fill in the blanks with : Good, Cheap & Quick.
:: Good & Quick, but not Cheap.
:: Cheap & Good, but not Quick.
:: Quick & Cheap, but not Good.

It's very rare for our customers to ask for products that are "not good", so we do not supply them. There are plenty of other suppliers that will compromise on quality.

Quality is one of our Cornerstones & as such we won't sell you short.

Don't damage your brand with bags of inferior quality.

Ask yourself "what is the cost?

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