Monday, August 10, 2009

Material Choice - Recycled vs New

The world of technology brings us advances in every field - from heart surgery to farm fences; from water conservation to music reproduction.

Technological advances are applied to everything & fabric technology is no different.

Our dedicated product development team endlessly searches for better alternatives & more efficient ways to bring superior products to our customers.

The success of our Recycled Fabric Options are proving that customers are seeking alternative manufacturing methods that are more environmentally conscious.

Chewing through new resources is not the only way to deliver a high-quality low-cost reusable bag to the market.

Recycled does not automatically equally 2nd rate quality.

Low-cost does not equal cheap.

Bag People are Reusable Bags Specialists; the very nature of our business requires our products are low-cost.

Our product development team ensure that low-cost does not automatically equal low-quality.

Contact Us to find our more about our Recycled Fabric Options & what we can do for you.

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