Monday, August 31, 2009

What Bag is Your Brand?

Plenty of high profile companies trust Bag People to create a bag that is perfectly aligned to their brand :

> McDonald's (pictured)
> Coca Cola
> Subway
> Blackmores

Our core business capabilities create this trust :
1) we are Bag Specialists
2) our supply-chain

When you work with Bag People - EVERY bag is 100% Custom-made!

You have control of every element :
- fabric :: 7 options (including Recycled Fabric)
- colour :: up to 21 options (Non-woven & Canvas)
- sizes :: no limit

Our design skills & supply-chain management allows you to create the perfect bag for your branding.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Chinese Success in Banning Bags

It is reported that the ban on single-use plastic bags within China is working.

In the 1st 12 months of the ban, there are 2 brilliant statistics that have come to light :

1) 40 billion single-use plastic bags eliminated
2) 1.6 million tonnes of oil saved

With this action & these figures, it's no surprise to find the Chinese amongst the world's best manufacturers of Reusable Bags.

No other manufacturing nation has taken such wide-spread & decisive action to reduce the strain on our planet.

Are you doing your bit?

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Canvas in Colour

Get our Canvas Bags in Colour!

You've been asking, so now were delivering.

Choose from 17 great colours for any of our Light Weight Canvas Bags, get more details from the Fabric Colour Chart on our website.

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Bag People - Light-Weight Canvas - JaffaBag People - Light-Weight Canvas - Cherry RipeBag People - Light-Weight Canvas - Electric BlueBag People - Light-Weight Canvas - SunflowerBag People - Light-Weight Canvas - Soft Pink

Bag People - Light-Weight Canvas - MauveBag People - Light-Weight Canvas - PistachioBag People - Light-Weight Canvas - MushroomBag People - Light-Weight Canvas - Dark PinkBag People - Light-Weight Canvas - Pale Blue

Bag People - Light-Weight Canvas - CappuccinoBag People - Light-Weight Canvas - FrogBag People - Light-Weight Canvas - Dark NavyBag People - Light-Weight Canvas - CreamBag People - Light-Weight Canvas - Dark Cocoa

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Choice Magazine Says...

Choice Magazine (the consumer watch-dog in Australia) has asked the question : Are polypropylene bags really greener?

We all know these "Green Bags" & we've all got a number of them that we use for shopping, gym gear, outings etc... but the question remains... are they greener?

In their article, Choice Magazine mention a number of things & quote some great statistics for using Reusable Bags & their conclusions are pretty simple :

When selecting a durable green bag :
-- the thicker the material, the better.
-- seams should be firmly sewn, with no loose threads.
-- a piping, or small plastic board at the bottom of the bag acts as a weight distributor and will help the bag last longer.

At Bag People, we've been in business since 1993 & our basic philosophy is "supply quality; it's simple & it matters".

Previously is was all about quality for the customer; but now we need to add our Planet into the mix aswell.

Quick Facts about Bag People Reusable Bags :
-- 90gsm fabric as standard
-- we double stitch all our seams
-- our handles are fully stitched (see Bag People TV for more info)
-- base-boards are standard - no question!

We are Professional Bag Specialists... we know what works & what does not.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Material Choice - Recycled vs New

The world of technology brings us advances in every field - from heart surgery to farm fences; from water conservation to music reproduction.

Technological advances are applied to everything & fabric technology is no different.

Our dedicated product development team endlessly searches for better alternatives & more efficient ways to bring superior products to our customers.

The success of our Recycled Fabric Options are proving that customers are seeking alternative manufacturing methods that are more environmentally conscious.

Chewing through new resources is not the only way to deliver a high-quality low-cost reusable bag to the market.

Recycled does not automatically equally 2nd rate quality.

Low-cost does not equal cheap.

Bag People are Reusable Bags Specialists; the very nature of our business requires our products are low-cost.

Our product development team ensure that low-cost does not automatically equal low-quality.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

As a follow-up article to our post last week about Custom Made Bags - Is Custom Made What You Think It Is? I thought I'd let you know how out business-model helps reduce your over-all Carbon Footprint.

Our supply-chain is the key, arguably it has the ability for us to deliver the lowest environmental footprint of all our competitors.

Every bag order we fulfill is only ever produced when a customer needs them.

Then we always deliver using the most ecologically friendly method available.

Plus, we offset our carbon emissions with Climate Care :: see our Corporate Responsibility pages for more detail.

We're doing our bit & we're trying to help you do yours!

What are you doing?

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