Friday, July 10, 2009

Is Custom-made What You Think It Is?

Last week a customer asked me. "Why are 100% custom-made bags better for me & my business?"

There are positives & negatives for
Custom-made which break-down like the.

On the Positive :

1) there's no limit on style & design : by making every bag exactly as you need it, you will receive exactly what you want - no matter what you need, we can make it because it's very simple to produce just about anything as long as we get the dimension & design details from you.

2) best print quality : your design is printed on flat fabric before your bags are made (printing on a flat surface gives the best possible print reproduction).

3) best available price - without compromise : there's no need to pay full price & settle for an average product 'only just' meets your needs. We make your bags using recently made fabrics, so you know you'll be getting great quality bags.

4) no stock holding costs : every order we fulfill is 100% Custom-made & delivered directly to you; we have no additional over-heads to pass on - such as additional transport costs, warehouse rental, insurance, staffing costs... you could even throw in the electricity costs.

On the Negative :

1) delivery lead-time : our absolute fastest delivery is 3 weeks which is via Priority Manufacturing & Express Delivery (this adds to the cost per bag)

Our usual delivery time-frame is 8-10 weeks... so you just need to be a bit organised about what bags you need & when you need them.

To sum-up; custom-made is a great way of getting exactly what you want coupled with exceptional quality.


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