Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Jute Range

Bag People have re-launched our range of Jute bags in Australia.

The new styles have some great prices!

You can now buy Jute Bags from Bag People for as little as 50c more than a standard Green Bag (non-woven polypropylene).

Our Jute Bags look great & are 100% Biodegradable.

Jute is a plant material (cellulose & lignin), so it decomposes far quicker than many other alternatives.

See our new Jute range at

Drop us an email [] to find out what a Jute Bag can do for your business.

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Cotton Bags said...

I would like to see more bags with wheels on them. I am in New York City and when most people leave your stuff, they are not hopping into their cars. They are either walking, taking a bus or going to catch the train. IF you are carrying alot of stuff in the regular tote bags