Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bakery Bags

McDonald's know how to do it; Subway know it too; The Cupcake Bakery are getting really good at it.

Brand exposure is what they know & they're asking Bag People to help.

When your business is all about presentation your customers will really appreciate being given a practical, great looking carry-bag to carry their precious treats home safely.

AND will be even more delighted if you offer a discount when they bring their bag back for more!

Let us custom-design YOUR bag and discover the tangible commercial benefits of doing the right thing by the environment.

Standard Cake/Bakery Bag
- 35cm wide x 25cm high
- 28cm sides/bottom
- Print Area - 32cm wide x 22cm high

6 Cup Cafe Bag Dimensions :
- 27cm wide x 11cm high
- 18cm sides/bottom
- Print Area - 24cm wide x 6.5cm high

Email us [info@bagpeople.com] for more details.

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