Friday, March 6, 2009

Beware :: Backyard Boys

Beware of busy mums & fanatical environmentalists.

How will they look after your brand & spend your money?

When selecting a supplier for your Reusable Bags, you need to ask a few questions & look deeper to make sure you are protecting yourself & your hard-earned cash.

When considering suppliers, make sure you :
- ask how long they've been in the bag business
- try to gauge the relationship they have with their suppliers
- ask about their quality & standard fabric offer
- always demand a sample bag

Also, find our about their Policies, what are their stances on :
- ethical sourcing
- environmental concerns

You need to ask the question to make sure you're comfortable with anyone else working with your brand & your money.

Until next time -- don't be afraid to ask the questions that protect yourself.

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