Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Support for Australia's Bush Fire Victims

Bag People is international - with offices in Australia, England & America.

We're locals too - each office has local people on-the-ground in the local area.

Just about everyone in the developed world would have heard about the recent Bush Fires in Victoria (one of Australia's southern states) that have decimated the communities, wiped out untold property values & destroyed countless lives families.

202 people dead - at the time of this post.

Our Australian crew have supported the Bush fire victims in the 2 ways they know how :

1) with Money - donations from staff directly to the Australian Red Cross

2) with Bags - we know bags & we've despatched 100's of bags to the areas that need them the most

It's heart-breaking to know there's not much to go in them at the moment, but the determination & support of the Australian has raised almost $80,000,000 for the people who have lost so much.

Bag People are here to help in any way we can.

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