Friday, January 16, 2009

Ethical Sourcing Policy

Success with our Ethical Sourcing Policy starts with the decisions we make about how we operate our business.

We always look for suppliers that can positively influence our overall offer & company performance.

Our supply partners must show they respect & comply with laws & regulations to keep workers & the environment safe & that workers are not forced to do anything unreasonable.

Child labor is just plain wrong & we won't work with anyone who uses kids to make anything - it's totally unacceptable.

Working conditions must be safe & hygienic & working hours must be reasonable.

Fair work for fair pay is a must & workers must feel as though they can reply on their employment week-in & week-out.

This is a simple snap-shot - Click Here to see the complete policy details.

You may ask how we monitor our suppliers?

Simple - we visit them!

Every supplier is audited by a Bag People staff member; we do not have Quality Control (QC) agents or outsourced partners conduct these visits... we do it ourselves.

Please Contact Us if you would like more details.

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