Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Case Study :: Fruit Store

:: Scenario ::
The Samuels’, “The Fruit Family” have a long history in the fresh produce business.

Their new venture is focused on being the ecologically sustainable alternative for consumers seeking environmental friendliness & good value for money.

Considering the shop owners have a focus on being ecologically sustainable, they have chosen to eliminate Plastic Bags from the new shop.

The Samuels’ called Bag People to check out the options.

:: Products – ecologically sustainable ::
"Being a new business, we had the opportunity to create everything from scratch. We also wanted to make sure our customers knew we were ecologically sounds as soon as they walked in.” said Frank Samuels.

“We don’t have single-use plastic bags in our shop & customers have noticed that. But we do have an alternative for them & that’s where our reusable bags come in.” he continued.

“For the store opening, we got 1,000 Grocery Bags from Bag People & they’ve been a great success, customers love them. It’s excellent to see customers coming back to our shop & it’s great to see them brining their bags back.” he concluded.

:: Marketing – strengthening your message ::
Frank added, “the bags are great for marketing too, they’ve got our street address & our web address on them & were finding more & more people are logging on to our website to check us out”.

A reusable bag is just another marketing tool available to your business. They work as an addition to whatever you are currently doing.

Research shows that brand recall starts from the 4th time a consumer sees your brand. So a reusable bag, coupled with conventional print (news papers & magazines) & perhaps fliers or another form of local marketing will add to your message & should get you known sooner.

:: Working with Bag People - getting our bags ::
“Bag People are easy, they had the exact style we needed & they made it all happen really quickly.”

“Arranging our style, designs & payment happened really fast, our bag design took 3 days to finalise & then our bags turned up 6 weeks later.” Frank said.

:: Details ::
- the Samuels’ called Bag People at the end of February, 2 month before opening on 1st May
- bag styles, designs, logo’s & deposit payment was all completed very quickly & the bags were being manufactured by 5th March
- the Samuels’ chose Bag People’s Grocery Bag made from Non-woven Polypropylene – which is a standard style from Bag People

Contact Bag People for more information.

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