Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bags for Breast Cancer

Bag People have innovated 'again', this time it's breast cancer screening.

We've been involved in the combination of shopping & screening.

Ladies can now drop in to the lingerie section of selected department stores to buy a few things & ensure they have a safe & healthy future.

The NSW Breast Cancer Institute & Myer are trialling a service where customers can have mammograms in the lingerie departments of four Sydney stores.

The initiative has been implemented to help busy women look after themselves because when juggling children, grandchildren, work & social lives all too often they will leave themselves last.

So, here's a chance to have a mammogram when you're shopping.

As a promotional tool for the launch, the Breast Cancer Institute selected a Shoulder Bag from Bag People to raise awareness.

Read a full article or Contact Bag People to find our more.

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