Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Garment Bag

Bag People are always innovating & trying new things.

Our latest product release is to the Dry Cleaning sector.

Now it's feasible for Dry Cleaners to replace single-use plastic bags with our bright & practical reusable Garment Bag.


Designed specifically for the Dry Cleaning, but with a range of other uses :
- formal suit & dress hire
- costume rentals
- sporting uniforms
- school events

These simple strong & reusable bags are a fantastic marketing tool & your customers will love them & your grandchildren will thank you!

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rochdale's Bag Amnesty

From our UK office; it's not so much of an Amnesty as a Trade-in.

The Team at Rochdale Markets came up with an excellent innovation to ban-the-bag.

They found a great way to :

1) stop giving out new single-use plastic bags
2) get all those bags out of your kitchen cupboards

Customers called in to exchange their plastic bags for the chic, eco-friendly reusable bags produced by Bag People.

For every 100 plastic bags traded-in, each customer could choose a reusable bag.

Lined Market Bag
click on the bag to see a larger image

Boutique Shopper
click on the bag to see a larger image

Almost 2,000 plastic bags were collected over 2 days! Superdrug assistant manager, exchanged 1,000 Superdrug Plastic Bags & intends to give the reusable bags to their loyal customers.

Here's a news paper article from the local Rochdale paper.

Bags are also available for £1.50 each from Centre Management Offices.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bags for Breast Cancer

Bag People have innovated 'again', this time it's breast cancer screening.

We've been involved in the combination of shopping & screening.

Ladies can now drop in to the lingerie section of selected department stores to buy a few things & ensure they have a safe & healthy future.

The NSW Breast Cancer Institute & Myer are trialling a service where customers can have mammograms in the lingerie departments of four Sydney stores.

The initiative has been implemented to help busy women look after themselves because when juggling children, grandchildren, work & social lives all too often they will leave themselves last.

So, here's a chance to have a mammogram when you're shopping.

As a promotional tool for the launch, the Breast Cancer Institute selected a Shoulder Bag from Bag People to raise awareness.

Read a full article or Contact Bag People to find our more.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Environmental Policy

As with worker safety, our suppliers need to maintain procedures that will notify local authorities if an accident happens that could effect the environment.

They need to make sure they comply with environmental laws which cover waste management (disposal & recycling), water & air pollution controls & have in place the the proper emergency response plans.

Wherever possible our suppliers must minimize waste, recycle & ensure conservation of resources & deliver products with maximum energy efficiency.

This is a quick snap-shot of our environmental policy, please visit our website for the complete policy.

Or, Contact Us if you need any more information.

Ethical Sourcing Policy

Success with our Ethical Sourcing Policy starts with the decisions we make about how we operate our business.

We always look for suppliers that can positively influence our overall offer & company performance.

Our supply partners must show they respect & comply with laws & regulations to keep workers & the environment safe & that workers are not forced to do anything unreasonable.

Child labor is just plain wrong & we won't work with anyone who uses kids to make anything - it's totally unacceptable.

Working conditions must be safe & hygienic & working hours must be reasonable.

Fair work for fair pay is a must & workers must feel as though they can reply on their employment week-in & week-out.

This is a simple snap-shot - Click Here to see the complete policy details.

You may ask how we monitor our suppliers?

Simple - we visit them!

Every supplier is audited by a Bag People staff member; we do not have Quality Control (QC) agents or outsourced partners conduct these visits... we do it ourselves.

Please Contact Us if you would like more details.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bag People on Twitter

Bag People are continually re-writing all the rules of the reusable bag business.

Joining Twitter is the latest push for Bag People. Follow our news ::

This year we have plenty of innovative things planned.

Stay close to see what's coming up.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Case Study :: Fruit Store

:: Scenario ::
The Samuels’, “The Fruit Family” have a long history in the fresh produce business.

Their new venture is focused on being the ecologically sustainable alternative for consumers seeking environmental friendliness & good value for money.

Considering the shop owners have a focus on being ecologically sustainable, they have chosen to eliminate Plastic Bags from the new shop.

The Samuels’ called Bag People to check out the options.

:: Products – ecologically sustainable ::
"Being a new business, we had the opportunity to create everything from scratch. We also wanted to make sure our customers knew we were ecologically sounds as soon as they walked in.” said Frank Samuels.

“We don’t have single-use plastic bags in our shop & customers have noticed that. But we do have an alternative for them & that’s where our reusable bags come in.” he continued.

“For the store opening, we got 1,000 Grocery Bags from Bag People & they’ve been a great success, customers love them. It’s excellent to see customers coming back to our shop & it’s great to see them brining their bags back.” he concluded.

:: Marketing – strengthening your message ::
Frank added, “the bags are great for marketing too, they’ve got our street address & our web address on them & were finding more & more people are logging on to our website to check us out”.

A reusable bag is just another marketing tool available to your business. They work as an addition to whatever you are currently doing.

Research shows that brand recall starts from the 4th time a consumer sees your brand. So a reusable bag, coupled with conventional print (news papers & magazines) & perhaps fliers or another form of local marketing will add to your message & should get you known sooner.

:: Working with Bag People - getting our bags ::
“Bag People are easy, they had the exact style we needed & they made it all happen really quickly.”

“Arranging our style, designs & payment happened really fast, our bag design took 3 days to finalise & then our bags turned up 6 weeks later.” Frank said.

:: Details ::
- the Samuels’ called Bag People at the end of February, 2 month before opening on 1st May
- bag styles, designs, logo’s & deposit payment was all completed very quickly & the bags were being manufactured by 5th March
- the Samuels’ chose Bag People’s Grocery Bag made from Non-woven Polypropylene – which is a standard style from Bag People

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Friday, January 9, 2009

Australia Rejects Plastic

Governments can only do so much to reduce the number of plastic bags consumed.

The movement for reduction needs drive from consumers & corporates.

Australia consumers are leading the charge for reduction.

Click here for a recent article on the actions a few Australian communities are taking.

Corporates are doing their bit too.

The list of PBF (Plastic Bag Free) corporates is growing steadily :
- McDonald's - restaurants
- Bunnings - hardware & home improvements
- Ikea - furniture
- Officeworks - office & stationary supplies
- Aldi - supermarket

Bag People are reusable bag specialists & no matter what your requirement is, we can design & develop bags specifically for your needs.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year - New Energy

After taking some time off over the Christmas / New Year period, we're coming back faster & stronger than ever.

This year is going to be a big one for Bag People.

We're always innovating & our plans for this year include :
- new styles & designs
- new materials
- more educational tools for everyone

We're also giving back to the community by-way of donations & sponsorships.

It's going to be big year, so get ready for exiting things from the Bag People Team.