Monday, December 8, 2008

Case Study :: Fundraising

:: Scenario ::
The owners of the local Deli / Coffee Shop - Chris & David - are very active in the community & always supporting various causes. Everything from the local junior sporting clubs, local businesses, right through to raising money for international organisations like UNICEF & World AIDS Day.

This time they’re supporting a local parent - Anne - who has relapsed with Cancer.

:: Fill the Bag ::
"We really wanted to make sure we were helping Anne with real things. She told us the other day that all she wanted to do was to take her 3 boys away for a family holiday before starting the next round of treatment - she doesn’t think there’ll be another time for a holiday.” Chris & David explained.

“Anne has also said she wants to make sure that any money raised will benefit everyone, not just her”, they continued.

“So she came up with the idea of getting reusable bags from Bag People & we’d sell them for $10.00 or give away if the customer bought more than $30.00 from our Deli. This was a superb idea & we got it in motion straight away”.

:: Which Bag? ::
“We needed a high quality bag for this job, not your usual bag but something really special. So with the input of Bag People we all decided on the Laminated Jute Shoulder Bag” Chris said.

The Laminated Jute Shoulder Bag is one of the latest releases from Bag People & is one of the more ecologically friendly alternatives available, see our About Jute page for more details.

:: Easy as ever ::
"Bag People were easy, they really know how to get things done & make sure it all happens on time, they looked after everything after we had all decided on what bag we all liked” said Anne.

:: The Result ::
"Our community is amazing, people have supported the cause & we've sold every bag, Anne & her family are thrilled & never imagined such a great return" concluded Chris.

Contact Bag People for more information.

(this Case Study is from an Australian customer & some names have been changed)

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