Friday, November 28, 2008

Inspiro Australia evolves in to Bag People

We’re pleased to announce that Inspiro Australia has expanded & is now called Bag People.

We have wholly owned operations in Australia, England & America so no matter where you are, you're dealing with someone local.

The name change to Bag People brings all our operations under the one umbrella.

Our business philosophies are the same & are just as simple as ever :
1) make the customer happy; our track record stands this test, and our customers keep coming back.
2) supply quality products at great value. We’re not always the cheapest, because we only sell good quality product.
3) always treat your partners (both customers & suppliers) fairly, our Ethical Sourcing Policy has more details about how we operate.

Our global reach gives you automatic access to the latest designs, innovations & fabric developments. You can be assured that your bags are produced with the latest fabrics using the most efficient manufacturing methods available.

Our local support ensures that we know what is happening in ‘your’ market because what’s hot in England might be cold in America.

Please have a look through our Australian site.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks from the Bag People Team.

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