Friday, November 7, 2008

Handy Reusables for Halloween

Boy did my reusable bags come in handy last week for Halloween.

Firstly, the pumpkin. After a lengthy debate over exactly which pumpkin would face the carving knife, the kids and I were able to safely pack it into our heavyweight grocery bag. We didn't dare risk a flimsy plastic bag! Even the checkout operator commented on our wise move.

Next came the school Halloween costume parade. All the kids came decked out in their gruesome glory. Naturally they had to change back into normal clothes for lessons. I couldn't help but notice the number of kids who carried their change of clothes in an eco-friendly bag of some description. It really demonstrated to me the eveyday practicality these green bags have.

As the day wore on, trick or treating was eagerly anticipated. What kid doesn't get excited about the thought of more candy than they know what to do with? Of course we had to choose a strong, comfortable bag. Our trusty cotton canvas shoulder bag won that race. It was filled to the max by so many generous householders. Again, I was impressed to see an array of eco-friendly bags out and about collecting all the goodies.

So, Halloween or not, next time you need to carry a heavy load, take some extra gear to work or school, or collect lots of stuff, your reusable bag will do the trick!

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